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How to create smart folder for (tag:Project1 NOT tag:archive)

I would like to have an EagleFiler Browser Window for each of my projects where I exclude any old files I have tagged as “archived”.

Ideal Solution - UNSOLVED
Can I create a smart folder which searchs for all entries with have the tag Project1 but which do not have the tag archive?

Current Implementation: less than ideal
I’ve created a solution by creating a smart folder which shows all entries which do not have the tag archive, and then in the search field (top right of browser window) I type in tag:Project1. This is less than ideal as every time I search I have to be careful to keep Project1 in the search field.

How about this?

That would solve it! I can’t seem to figure out how to get the nested “None of the following” though?

RE: How to create smart folder for (tag:Project1 NOT tag:archive)

I was curious as well, and found this in EagleFiler Help: “Option-click + to add a new Any/All/None grouping of criteria. You can drag and drop to re-arrange the criteria.”

Hope that helps!

– John Martin, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

That did it, thanks John!