How to deal with unwanted, non-spam mail?

Years ago I managed to get a Gmail address that used just my first & last name. Now I get a lot of email where other people of the same name have tried to use my email address when they register on an e-commerce site. Of course I get all the replies from the site. This email traffic is a nuisance, but technically it’s not spam (although sometimes I get lazy and mark it as such, in hopes that SpamSieve will take care of it). What’s the best way to filter this out?

There’s some general information about unwanted, non-spam mail here:

Do not train as spam messages that are merely unwanted, i.e. messages from:

  • Legitimate mailing lists that you no longer wish to read.
  • Companies that you have done business with.
  • People that you know who send or forward annoying messages.

These messages are not spam, so training them as such could confuse SpamSieve. For mailing lists, there should be instructions at the bottom of the e-mail to unsubscribe. Social media sites have ways that you can configure which types of messages they send you. For other types of unwanted messages, see you can optionally create a rule in your mail program above the SpamSieve rule to move or delete them before SpamSieve sees them.

But it seems like none of these apply in your case because there is no pattern to the messages. There is no way of knowing that you weren’t the one registering for these sites?