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How to Disable the very annoying Trial mode Notification

I´ve been using Spam Sieve for 2 days and so far i´m liking it
However i´m going mad with the constant notifications to purchase the software.

It´s worst than spam itself
Is there any way to turn that off - Everytime i receive an email i get a reminder that i have 28 days left to bay.

Please let me know as this is really really annoying !

It’s only supposed to show the demo reminder once per day and when the SpamSieve application launches. Are you quitting Mail and SpamSieve a lot throughout the day? If so, you might prefer to uncheck Quit when mail client quits so that SpamSieve stays running. Also, are you aware that you can click the red button to close the Purchase window?

I´m not quitting the email but i´m quitting spamsieve. So if i have mail always open do i have to leave the app open all the time as well?

Yes, I recommend always having SpamSieve open in the Mail program is open. You can hide the Dock icon if desired.