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How to display libraries in the left pane instead of tabs

in the EF manual (displayed below), libraries are displayed in the left pane, nested under records.

The only way I could find to display multiple libraries is in multiple tabs which I don’t like.

I could not find a preference setting or view menu item to put the libraries in the left pane.

thanks in advance for your time and help

Currently, each window/tab shows a single library, but I’m considering changing this in a future version. If you could explain how you want it to work, that would be helpful. There’s more discussion of this here and here.

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thank you for your reply.

1- it must certainly be possible to view, edit titles and delete from a list of libraries ?

2- Could you please explain what the nested hierarchy below records is (taken from your manual). I cannot reproduce this with EF.


Each library is treated as a document. You can access them all from Finder based on where you saved them. There is no central list, but EagleFiler remembers recent ones in the Drop Pad, in the Dock menu, and in File ‣ Open Recent. You can also make your own list of aliases if you want to organize them in a different way.

Yes, you can just use the File ‣ New Folder… command.

Hi domo - like Michael said, those are just folders in the screenshot, not libraries. Honestly, from what I researched in the forums on people’s thoughts, and my own conclusions in my own thread with Michael’s help - there’s really no strong reason to even use more than one library unless you need to be able to store them completely separately on different media, or want encryption on only some things. (or I suppose, to keep tags/labels and such segregated for different libraries if they’re different projects - at least I think the tags are per library)

I just wanted to point that out since I can see how the screenshot LOOKS like multiple libraries… :slight_smile: Since it’s all a folder structure anyway, for me, I figured just one library is fine, which makes the multiple libraries in the left pane not even an issue.

I would also say, I trialed using DevonThink, and while at first, that amount of customization seemed powerful - it got very overwhelming, very fast, to have so many different containers at a high level! I realize that software probably allows for more customization of what shows, but be sure you need that level of power/tweaking - it takes time to set up and maintain such things, also.

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Just to add - I suppose what people would want for multiple library display is pretty much how Apple Mail works - each mailbox has its own top level entry in the navigation tree. So then, Records would need to be --Library Name–, instead. But then user would have to pick which Libraries to show, since I think it would also be bad to show ALL libraries available all the time in the left. And then I guess one gets into the concept of view sets, because maybe one wants to see different sets of libraries, in certain order, for different uses. :slight_smile: (not saying I am wanting that at all right now, just conjecturing what I imagine most people expect if they’re trying to show multiple libraries at once in that navigation pane)

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Hello @Equalizer , thanks very much for your comments !
I had not thought about a single library. Certainly a good idea.
In my case, at least 2 libraries: the major one as a dropbox sub folder and the other to backup apple mail. From experience, apple mail cannot be backed up to a dropbox folder. Dropbox is overwhelmed and crashes.
Michael is obviously very intelligent and support is outstanding, but I am still trying to figure out the added value of EagleFiler as compared to other PIMs.
Many very intelligent and computer savvy people has told me that Devon Think is just too much.
I mistakingly thought that the added value of EF was that I would not have to duplicate files which is a problem with attached files in Bear and EN, but I was wrong.
@Michael_Tsai suggests simply moving the files to my EF libraries, but sorry, that it out of the question in my case.
thanks again

I’ve not heard other reports of that, and it’s not clear to me why that would be. I know that lots of people do store mail archives in Dropbox. Backing up Apple Mail does not create a large number of files since there is only one per mailbox. Indexing can create a large number of temporary files. If that’s the issue, you could tell Dropbox to ignore EagleFiler’s temporary items folder. Or perhaps pause Dropbox until the indexing has finished.

I would be interested to hear why. Depending on the situation, you might want to use a symlink in your library (see the bottom of this page) so that other applications can still find files at a fixed location.

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thank you.
Apple Mail dropbox problems comes from when I was using a Mail Archiving app.
Moving files: I am not going to change my whole folder structure to suit an app, however excellent EF is
Symlinks: I will think about it.
thank you Michael and best wishes of success with EF. Outstanding support !

Concerning Mail, why use EF ? Why not just backup /~/Library/Mail ?

OK, those problems might not apply when using EagleFiler, then.

EagleFiler will tell you if any parts of the messages are missing, and it will convert the files to a standard format. You can browse and search the mail from within EagleFiler, add tags and notes, link to/from your other EagleFiler records, etc. It also adds checksums for safe long-term data storage.


based on @Equalizer ’ s excellent suggestions, I was to limit myself to 1 or perhaps 2 libraries.
I cannot find how to delete existing librairies
thank you

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Libraries are just regular folders/documents in Finder. So you can close the library in EagleFiler and drag the folder to the trash.

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