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Workflow questions

I just bought EF and wonder if there is something that I don’t understand in terms of workflow. By workflow, I mean to work quickly and efficiently because I have a zillion things to do.

. is there a shortcut which would allow me to quickly display, edit, create new and delete libraries. When I open library, I have to navigate through a Finder line maze which takes too much time.

. PDF files : it’s a bit difficult. I understand that EF is useful if the original file was lost, but most of the time, the original file is still there in my computer. If I understand correctly, if I annotate a PDF in EF, I only annotate the EF version, which means that there are 2 versions of the PDF in my computer, and worst case scenario, different annotations on the 2.
At least is there a shortcut in EF to open the original PDF ? When I click on open source URL, nothing happens.

. Folders: is EF dynamic. If files are added to the original folder, are they automatically added to the folder in EF ?

. RTF notes. I can make notes, but can I display/edit them quickly with a keyboard shortcut, or do I have to go to note info → notes.

I am frankly getting more and more frustrated, and I am not an amateur. I have 12,000 evernote notes, use Bear extensively, have written 1,000 + keyboard maestro macros etc

thank you

As mentioned in the other topic, there are many ways to access existing libraries quickly. I would be interested to know what you are doing that requires frequently creating and deleting libraries. To my knowledge, that’s not common for people to do, so perhaps there’s a better way you could be utilizing EagleFiler, or when I understand better perhaps I can make your workflow easier in a future version.

I don’t recommend having multiple copies of the same files. You can move existing files into EagleFiler and create new files within EagleFiler. Then there will only be one version to keep track of.

EagleFiler does not track changes to folders outside of the library. However, you can move an existing folder into EagleFiler or create a new folder in EagleFiler, and then if you add files to the folder EagleFiler will notice and import them.

You can use the Edit Notes command (Command-Shift-E) to quickly jump to the Notes field in the Info inspector.

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