How to Edit SpamSieve Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook on MAC

Hi, I am setting up a new Mac with SpamSieve and can’t find/remember where/how to edit keyboard shortcuts. Can you please remind me? I can’t find any reference to this in the manual or in the help system. Thank you.

The keyboard shortcuts within the app can be customized in System Settings ‣ Keyboard ‣ Keyboard Shortcuts… ‣ App Shortcuts. The global hotkeys (e.g. for training from Apple Mail and Outlook) are not fully customizable at present, but you can change the letters via Terminal:

defaults write com.c-command.SpamSieve HotKeyTrainAsGood g
defaults write com.c-command.SpamSieve HotKeyTrainAsSpam s

I am trying to use Command G and Command S for Train as Good and Train as Spam in Outlook. I added these to the App Shortcuts as you suggested, but it is not working. How would that look in Terminal?

That’s not currently possible (and I don’t advise it since Outlook uses those shortcuts for other commands). The App Shortcuts are for commands in the named menus when the SpamSieve app itself is active. The SpamSieve commands in Outlook always have the Command-Control modifiers; it’s the letters that you can change from Terminal.

OK, thanks. I just find the Command Control plus letter sequence to be difficult to do. Command plus letter would be easier. I was able to modify the key shortcut in previous versions of SpamSieve to do this.

I will add a feature request to make this fully customizable.