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How to erase Damaged folder safely.

My EagleFiler library reaches up to 5000 Records (4.4 GB, 4800 webarchives) and I still live with it comfortably.

Recently, I notice that size of my.eflibrary increased up to 214 MB and can see this contains Records.efindex (57 MB) and Damaged folder (157 MB and has Records.efindex, Records-1.efindex, Records-2.efindex, Records-3.efindex).
I wonder what kind of part this folder plays and also this folder seems to be dispensable and erasable.
If so, is there any way to erase this folder safely?


Yes, you can simply delete the Damaged folder. EagleFiler moves index files there when Mac OS X reports that it cannot open them.

I fully understand and can delete that folder safely.

Thank you for kind reply as always.

I can find the followings in EF Manual (page 102 : Version History 1.4).
Sorry, I had to read before posting.

EagleFiler now saves damaged index files for possible future analysis of why Search Kit couldn’t open them. It also tries multiple times to open indexes, since Search Kit sometimes changes its mind about which indexes are valid. ]

During viewing the content of my.eflibrary, I find the folder [Temporary Items.nobackup] that has number’s folder like 1, 6, 11, …, and so on. Each folder seems to contain webloc file corresponding to imported webarchive.

What kind of part these folders play?
These folders may be something like cache?
They are also dispensable, that is, only for just in case?


You should not touch the contents of the .eflibrary package, except for deleting the damaged index files. The temporary items are used internally by EagleFiler, and it will automatically delete them when they are no longer needed (usually after a matter of seconds).