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How to export all tags as a list?

It seems to me that the tags used in EagleFiler are the same as those used by the Finder.

Is there any way to export all these tags as a simple list in a text file?


Each EagleFiler library has its own list of tags, and they do sync to Finder. To export the list, you could open the Tags inspector, and choose Edit ‣ Select All, then Edit ‣ Copy, and then paste into TextEdit to save them to a file.

The tags are also available via AppleScript, e.g.:

tell application "EagleFiler"
    tell library document 1
        get name of every tag
    end tell
end tell

I must be doing something wrong. I opened the tag inspector by clicking on the tab icon in the top icon bar. If I choose Edit > Select All from the app’s top menu bar, nothing happens. If I select all (or just some) tags manually, they appear selected. I copy and then open a text file and try to paste them, and BBEdit tells me “No Selection”.

However, the AppleScript did the job.

Many thanks, Michael.


I just did exactly that, and it worked for me. I wonder if for some reason your Tags window wasn’t frontmost? You could click on the window’s title bar to bring it to the front (on Monterey this will make it look more white), and then the Edit menu commands should target it.

The problem is that, although it seemed to me that the tag window was frontmost because tags could be selected and the checkmarks activated in the left column, it wasn’t really live.

I’m using the dark mode and selections are highlighted with a bright blue background. In the tag pane, the background was gray. I found that when I double clicked on a tag, the background changed to blue and I was then able to copy and paste the tags.

Maybe there is a reason for this behaviour, maybe there isn’t. Anyway, my problem is solved.

Yes, it is possible to interact with the Tags window while the library browser window actually has focus. In that case, you can double-click the title bar to bring to the front. I’m not sure why this would not have happened automatically when using the toolbar button, though. Anyway, I’m glad the problem is solved.