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How to fetch and delete spam?

First of all: SpamSieve works very well!
Can anyone help me with the following?

I’m running SpamSieve 2.7.4 on a Mac Pro with Apple Mail client.
There are several POP mail accounts where the new mail is coming.
The corresponding mail servers cache the email for 1 month for synchronization reasons.

How can I fetch and delete spam email from the POP servers when SpamSieve finds a spam email?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Apple Mail doesn’t really provide that level of control over deleting messages from the POP server. It simply has an option (which is unreliable, from what I hear) to delete messages after they’re moved out of the inbox. If you need to control the contents of the server, I recommend using IMAP.

Thanks, IMAP is also an idea, I will try it.