How to Find "From"

Can you advise me as to the best way to identify the “From” field – needed for Apple Mail Rules or the Spamsieve Blocklist rules – in emails I have received. I go to the Apple Mail “View” menu and under Messages have the choice to see headers or raw source. But in both of these there are several “From” entries. I have a hard time identifying which “From” to use in rules or the Blocklist, and my success is hit or miss.


SpamSieve has separate locations for From (address) and From (name).

There shouldn’t be multiple From headers. Could you post an example screenshot?

Will what is listed under the “From” column in the Log be the thing I’m looking for in the various messages?

Check this out. There are “froms” all over the place.

Example.pdf (75.7 KB)

The From in the SpamSieve Log window will be the From (name) if there is one, otherwise the From (address).

I don’t see any From headers in that example. It’s better to look at the Raw Source. But based on the display line it looks like the name and address are your own…

I just can’t work all this out. Why did the highlighted message go to my Junk folder instead of directly to Trash. I have Spamsieve set to send all messages of 99 classification directly to Trash.


You can see in the Origin line of the log entry that this message was not processed by the regular SpamSieve but rather by the Rescue Good Messages script. If you want it to move blocked messages to the trash you should edit the script so that it says:

property pMoveBlueMessagesToTrash : true