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How to fix mistakes without loading images


I’ve just upgraded to Mountain Lion, and am having some trouble trying to figure out how to mark messages that slipped through SpamSieve without loading the images in Mail.app.

In previous versions of Mail.app, the images would never load unless you added the address to your contacts. Now it seems they always load unless the message is marked as Junk (which works fine with SpamSieve’s “train as spam”). The problem with that is, you have to click on a message to go to Messages > Train as Spam, and as soon as you click on a message which has slipped through SpamSieve’s filter, the images load.

With Mail.app’s built-in junk mail filter, at least you can right click on the message and go to Mark as > Junk mail, without loading the message into the preview pane, but there are no contextual menu items for training SpamSieve, so I can’t do the right click.

Are there any suggestions for training a message as spam without loading the images?

From what I’ve seen, Mail has always loaded images from unknown addresses. If you don’t want it to do that, you can uncheck “Display remote images in HTML messages” in the Viewing preferences.

Another option would be to hide the preview pane before selecting the message to train it.

Ah, I looked for something like that, but couldn’t find it, so for pointing me to that setting! I must have had it unchecked on my old install without being aware. I am pretty sure that I could always show messages from a particular address by adding them to my contacts, but that doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Feeling like a major noob, but can you tell me where the option to hide the preview pane is? I have looked and cannot find that either.

If there was some way to toggle that setting on and off while I quickly train a message as spam, that’d be ideal.

You can double-click the split bar between the viewer and the message list.

Ah, thanks… you are awesome!!