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How to get (key)words list from EF database

Is there any way to get (key)words list or (key)words density from EF database, just like some plugins in Wordpress posts database?

When I start to input some word in EF’s search box, I cannot often remember or think of WHAT kind of words I have to input. This is come from my insufficient classifying imported files without appropriate tags and notes. And also, some important words absolutely drops out from my brain memory faded because of old age.

So, when I try to search and input first character via my obscure memory, it is much useful to live-get word list or word density for selected tag- or subfolder-database. They will just show me candidate of words that I have to type in.

I appreciate to get any suggestion or hint.


That’s not currently possible, but it’s a feature that I’d like to add. I agree that it could help with searching.

Thank you for kind reply as always.

EF also extracts (key)words from database via mysql-like handling, or different approach?

I will be very happy if I got this function in the near future.

Best regards,

Sorry, but I don’t understand your question. Which database are you referring to?

I wonder how EF will extract from database (*.eflibrary and files) and just imagine the way for EF to extract (key)word by analogy with Wordpress. It would be:

  1. get posts related to tag ‘apple’ and make them one sentence:
    $myposts = get_post(‘number=-1&tag=apple’); $ret=’’; foreach ($myposts as $post) { $ret .= $post->content;}
  2. remove html tag and make array of words via space:
    $ret = strip_tags($ret); $lists = preg_split(’ ',$ret);
  3. count for each word and sort:
    $aa = array_count_values($lists); ksort($aa);
  4. We have (key)words and their count(density) as foreach($aa as $word=>$count),
    for example, osx(20), iPad(7), iPhone(15), …, and so on.

This time, I simply guess EF’s way is probably similar flow if we overlook each base-language.

Thank you for kind comment as always.


EagleFiler doesn’t store the text of your files in a database. It extracts it by reading the documents directly and then stores the word counts in .efindex files (inside the .eflibrary). Anyway, I’ll figure out the details. Don’t worry. :slight_smile:

Sorry for my curiosity and thank you for kind reply again.

Best regards,