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how to import newer mail messages into existing EA folders

I’m trying to add newer Apple mail messages to specific EA folders. When I fn-F1 the mail message is imported but an additional folder is created, thus Folder-1, instead of sending the mail message to the same folder in EA as the older messages. How would I move a newer message in Apple Mail (OS X 10.7) into the existing folder with the same name in EagleFiler?


I’m not sure what “EA” stands for, but you can combine to mailboxes in EagleFiler using the Merge Mailboxes command in the Record menu. If you’re going to be doing this a lot, it helps to sort the records list by File or Title so that like-named mailboxes sort next to each other.

Michael, are you familiar with http://www.mailstore.com/en/mailstore-home.aspx?

I have read a number of threads on the Forum that discuss the problems of duplicate e-mail messages as one has to manually decide which messages to transfer to EagleFiler. I bought EagleFiler primarily to offload my Outlook 2011 application. I have 4 e-mail addresses on Outlook and want to file in EagleFiler grouping 2 of these addresses and keeping the other 2 separate.
Because of mobility and use of several mobile devices, I need to keep 6 months of e-mail in each account on Outlook. In this way I can go to EagleFiler, which is only on my desktop (not laptop or other device) when I need to look at older files. At the same time I have sufficient records with me at all time on my laptop. All 3 accounts use a Kerio service (Exchange like) and one uses gmail so I access recent records from any device. On occasion I’ll have a client’s additional e-mail address while I work for them and some may be on Exchange. It becomes very cumbersome and difficult to keep track of which e-mails I have transferred into EagleFiler and which have yet to be transferred. Mailstore does the trick for me on Windows.

I point to Mailstore because it is an excellent archiving product that only imports e-mails that are new to it. One button click and it updates the pre-built file structure. I think this is the capability people are looking for.

I am far from an engineer or technically focused. My mind does not seem to handle well the way you recommend to do updates of the archives so that there’s no duplication :). Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or would like to discuss. Is this something you can add to EagleFiler?

Could you explain that further?

I agree that a feature like that would be useful in addition to what EagleFiler currently offers. Right now, there’s the flexibility to support all different kinds of workflows, mail programs, and organization schemes. A “one-button” approach would make a particular (perhaps common) workflow much easier.

Hi Michael. I’ll try to explain further.
Of my current 4 e-mail accounts in Outlook (3 on Exchange, 1 on Gmail), two are personal and 2 more are related to the businesses I consult with. For the latter 2 I’m like a virtual employee to their outside world. In other words, their clients, who I interface with on their behalf, see me as representing the company. I need to keep all e-mails from these 2 accounts archived separately from each other and from my personal account archive files.

The other 2 e-mail accounts are personal ones and I prefer to send all e-mails from these 2 accounts into a single archive on EagleFinder.

A further twist: I may sometimes also add a client account for a project whereby I am hired by a client but do not agree to profile myself as their employee. I’ll set up a client specific account. I need to keep all these files separate.

As a result of this complexity I’m having a really difficult time keeping all my e-mail archive records complete. I need to keep the records of these accountss for indemnification purposes, for example. While most important to retrieve the e-mails should they be needed, I’d like to know where to search and limit the options…

I hope not to have confused you more?

Do you mean in different libraries? Or in a different folder hierarchy within the same library? I think it would be natural, when importing whole accounts, to put each account in a different folder, but I’m not sure whether it’s necessary to ask the user which accounts to import. See how this quickly becomes more complicated than one button?

I have all the e-mails archived in the same library. Most e-mails are in different folders, though I have merged 2 e-mails into one folder.
On the Windows side I use Mailstore to archive old Outlook files (used it before buying EagleFiler). After initial set up the e-mails automatically archive without duping, by account, to the correct folder for that e-mail address.

I’ll have to go back and check though I think it also files e-mails by account Inbox sub-folders in Outlook correctly.

Yeah, I realize synching, archiving and Outlook in general is complex. In addition, in my case I have multiple e-mail accounts and they “come and go”. I suspect there’s no perfect solution out there for archiving Outlook in organized fashion (which may be why MS does nto do it well either) though Mailstore is pretty darn close.

Thanks for explaining. I think this is the sort of thing EagleFiler could do in the future, if you’re willing to let it make some of the decisions for you.

Same issue.

I have the same problem. I have not seen an answer to this duplication? Any ideas?

You can use the Merge Mailboxes command to combine two mailbox files. Or you can import an individual message via drag-and-drop if you prefer to store messages as individual .eml files (in folders) rather than as mailboxes.

Or import mail via script at http://c-command.com/forums/showthread.php/3347-Howto-Import-selected-Apple-Mail-Messages-with-Options Make the indicated change, store the script, and get FastScripts or Launchbar to run the script with a shortcut.