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How to import soho notes

Has anyone had success importing SOHO notes into Eaglefiler? I tried the F1 capture and I got a note that it wasn’t supported.



Capturing from SOHO Notes won’t work because SOHO Notes isn’t AppleScriptable. Drag and drop note importing should work, but it doesn’t due to a bug in the current version of SOHO Notes. I’ve worked around this for the next version of EagleFiler.

For now, your best bet is to import the selected text via drag and drop or via EagleFiler’s Import Text service. Or, you can drag notes from SOHO to the Finder and then drag the files into EagleFiler.

As of EagleFiler 1.1, drag and drop import from SOHO Notes should work.

SOHO Notes > EagleFiler
One thing I have just discovered:

It may be possible to drag a SOHO Notes item directly to EagleFiler. But a safer way is to drag groups to a standard Finder directory in order to Export them.

The Import into EF as if they were (‘regular’) Finder items.

It also turns out that the most reliable way to drag and drop multiple SOHO Notes items is not by SHIFT-Selecting them: subsequent import sometimes fails. But by singly adding (CMND-Select) notes.