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How to merge 2 mailboxes without duplicated mails ?

Hi Michael,

I have a problem with mailboxes and can’t find the solution :

For instance, I copy into EFiler my mailbox “Info”. Next month, I have more mails in that mailbox. So I copy it again in EFiler, then I merge the two Info mailboxes.

But : I have now 2 files of each mail + the new ones. What can I do to have all my Info1 + Info2 without duplicate the old ones ?

Thanks for your help !

If you delete the messages in your mail program after importing to EagleFiler, the next import will have only the new messages, so there won’t be duplicates.

duplicate files
Thanks ! But I don’t understand why I have duplicate files : in preferences I did not check the box about it.

Sorry, I don’t understand. What are the duplicate files that you have? Maybe you could post a screenshot?

I am French and I did not explain very well my problem…
Under “Preferences”, I did not check the box “Permettre les fichiers en doublons”. For me, it means that I cannot have two same files in a mail box, or am I wrong ?

An example here : http://c-command.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=210&stc=1&d=1253698977

That preference controls duplicate files. It does not affect e-mail messages, since those are stored together as one file per mailbox. To prevent duplicate messages you would need to prevent importing the duplicates in the first place, e.g. by deleting or marking the messages in your mail program after the first time that you import them.

duplicate files or messages
Ok Michael, I understand and thanks for your explanations.

After merging the mailboxes, you can now use the Remove Duplicate Messages script to get rid of the duplicate e-mails.