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How to "Nuke" Spam in Mail

I’ve recently switched from Eudora to Mail (when I upgraded to Leopard). I’m sticking with Spam Sieve, and it seems to be working just as well with Mail as it did with Eudora.

But for one detail: With Mail, Spam Sieve is moving my spam to a box called “Spam” that is “On My Mac”. I can scan the contents of that box for accuracy, and now I want to “nuke” them. (Eudora provided for “nuking” messages so they would be delete without moving them to the trash box.)

I can’t find a way to do this. Is there no provision for “nuking” messages (spam) in Apple’s Mail.

If you set SpamSieve to put the messages in Mail’s Junk mailbox, there is a command to delete all the junk messages. It’s a bit buggy in Leopard, though—sometimes Mail disables the command when it shouldn’t.