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How to open linked item in the Record via its orig app?

How to open the linked item inside the Record via its original application?

Sometimes I made a ‘task’ Record via [New Record -> Rich Text File] and drag other Records from RecordList & drop them onto this Record. These drag-and-dropped Records appear as ‘link’ inside the ‘task’ Record.
I add a few sentences onto the ‘task’ Record via referring 'link’s and these sentences act as a core draft for my blog.

At that time, I often try to open these 'link’s inside the ‘task’ Record via their original application, however, this action results in opening another EagleFiler’s window ('link’ed Record is highlighted in RecordList in that window).

Is there any way to open those 'link’s inside the ‘task’ Record via their original application?
When opening Record in RecordList, I can do the same thing via [open with Safari], [open with Preview], … , and so on.


Currently, x-eaglefiler links always open in EagleFiler. So you would need to use a two-step process of clicking the link (to select the file in EagleFiler) and then double-clicking it (to open it in an external application).

Thank you for your kind reply as always.

I fully understand, however, I will be very happy if EagleFiler will has special kind of Record, for example, ‘task’ and ‘project’. They will contain memos and many links from Records in EagleFiler library (just like TaskCard, ShoveBox, …).

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I’m leaning towards solving this problem the other way: instead of having a special kind of record, give you choices about how to handle links.

Thank you again. Very nice!

I sincerely expect your fruitful results in near future.

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