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How to remove a record but keep the file

When switching computers I forgot to copy my preferences, so when I opened my library it was scanned for new files. Now it is littered with .skim sidecar files whose .pdf was regularly imported long ago.

How do I make EagleFiler forget those records but have the files stay where they are?

It would probably be easier to create a new library, move/copy the old folders into its Files folder, and then “Scan for New Files.”

I don’t understand. That would certainly index the .skim files as well.

See the script at http://c-command.com/forums/showthread.php/2061-Script-to-quot-hide-quot-selected-records?p=9367


I was assuming that the preference that you hadn’t copied was one that added “skim” to the list of unscanned extensions. Thus, importing the files into a new library (via a scan rather than the other methods) would skip those files.

However, Steve’s script, which I had forgotten about, is probably easier.