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How to rename a file?


Hazel failed to rename a couple of scanned and OCRed PDF-files there were than filled in one of my EagleFiler-databases.
I don’t know exactly why Hazel failed - the old rule seems ok and it failed only in 2 of 3 cases - but this is another story.

Back to OT: I changed the titles of the files, so they appear now correct in EagleFiler, but I would like to rename the original files as well (ideally after the title in EagleFiler), so they appear correct also in Finder.

Searching in the older forum-discussions I learned that is not safe to rename them directly in Finder. However I didn’t find how exactly is recommended to rename files in EagleFiler.

Could you please help?



You can rename files in EagleFiler from either the Info inspector (the top field) or the File column in the records list (click or press Return to edit).

If you want to quickly change a bunch of filenames to match the titles, you could use this script.

If you want to manually change both the filename and the title, you can usually edit just the filename, and the title will change to match if it was the same before.