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How to reorganize normal mail with Apple Mail


When I introduced SpamSieve into Apple Mail, most of my past emails were judged to be spam. These emails are about 2,000. Almost all of those emails are normal emails. Not spam. After that I selected those emails and ran the training menu as “normal emails”.
Then all those emails were moved to the inbox. Is there any way to return these emails to their original folder by batch processing?

SpamSieve 2.9.38, macOS Mojave 10.14.6

If you follow the setup instructions, SpamSieve won’t process any of your past emails. Please make sure that, when you edit a rule in Apple Mail, you click Don’t Apply when Mail asks if you want to apply all the rules to the currently displayed messages.

If you have Mail rules that file the messages in the proper folders, you can select the messages and choose Message ‣ Apply Rules. You may want to do this with batches of a few hundred messages, as sometimes this doesn’t work properly in Mail with thousands at at time.

Ah, I may have pressed “Apply” at that time.

I seem to have to work hard.