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How to retrain from scratch?

I’m a long time SS user but I’ve bumped up against an issue I cannot figure out.

I’m getting tons of spam which SS isn’t catching (and yes, SS is seeing these messages - verified by examining the log).

I fully removed SS, then re-installed it. But now I can’t seem to re-train it using the 600+ spam messages I have in my Spam folder.

When I bring up the SS window I don’t see a “train” or “re-train” option.

How can I do this?


What does the log say are the Reasons that it’s predicting the messages to be good?

That was probably counterproductive. There were no indications that there was anything wrong with the SpamSieve application, and the Rules file probably contained lots of useful rules.

SpamSieve is always trained from within your mail program. For example, in Apple Mail there are “Train as Good” and “Train as Spam” commands in the Message menu.