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How to save URLs from iOS

Hello. I have my EF library on iCloud Drive so technically I could save files to the To Import folder and have the show up on Mac. How can I do this with URLs? Or can I? Can’t figure it out… thanks.

For example, if you are in Safari on iOS you can tap the Share button. Then tap Options to change the format to Web archive (since Web archives include the URL and PDFs don’t), and then tap Save to Files to save it into your library’s To Import folder.

There is also this app that says it can save bookmark files.

Or you can add the URL to your Safari Reading List and then import from there to EagleFiler when you get back to your Mac.

The manual has more information about Importing From iOS.

Thanks! Fantastic. I had forgotten about that save option selection.

I’m guessing there’s no good way to save emails from iOS?

I don’t think iOS Mail has a Share button. You can:

  • Print messages to PDF files in iCloud Drive.
  • Drag and drop messages to the Files app to save them as .eml files (iPad-only).
  • Flag or move messages to mark them and then import them when you get back to your Mac.