How to set a flag on spam messages in SpamSieve 3

Hi - I upgraded to v3. In v2, I was able, through rules, to flag all spam messages with a purple flag. How do I do the same in v3?

That’s not currently possible when using the Mail extension setup. Could you explain a bit about what you’re trying to do? Are you trying to separate them from spam messages caught by your mail server’s junk filter? The messages processed by SpamSieve should already have a different background color.

I archive all my email into DevonTHINK on a regular basis.

Previously, I marked spam with a “purple” flag. Then I use the “Flagged” folder/view in Apple Mail to see all flagged email and “permanently delete them”. Then I archive my email into DevonTHINK.

Without that, I think I would be archiving spam, which I do not want to do.

Why would you be archiving the contents of the Junk mailbox? Or do you not have it set to move the spam messages there?

Or, if you are using Junk, is it harder to delete messages from Junk than from the flag smart mailbox?

I must be misunderstanding something here…

In DevonTHINK, you have only the option to archive all of a mailbox, including all the folders (including SPAM Folders). So, I take the extra step of deleting all spam email (via the purple flag) prior to archiving.

If there is a simpler workflow, I would be be glad to adopt it.

It seems like you could use the Mailbox ‣ Erase Junk Mail command after verifying that the messages in Junk really are spam.

Ok - fair enough. I can change my workflow to do that.