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How to show photos in the spam folder

How can I get the spam folder messages to show photos without having to hit the load images button?

Which mail program are you using? Normally, remote images are hidden in spam messages to protect you from Web bugs.

I’m using the Mac Mail application. I occasionally go through that spam fold and read a few selected mails and I would love to be able to see the images without needing to keep hitting the load images button.

Are you saying that you need to see the images in order to confirm that the message is spam?

No. I get a lot of mail that I can’t reply to that goes to the spam folder. When I get time I go through that folder and read what I find of interest. Since I speed read, it d=goes pretty fast but having to click the load images on those selected mails, it slows me down a lot.

It’s important to correct all the mistakes (especially if auto-training is on). If the messages are not, in fact, spam, you should be training them as good. This will have the side effect of making the photos show without having to click Load Images. And also, this will prevent future messages like that from going into the spam folder in the first place.

If I marked this stuff as good then my actually good mail would become way to bloated since I don’t have the time to read them all. I pick and choose what might be interesting for the time I am looking trough the old mail since it is mostly ads and web site news letters.

I recommend only using the spam folder for actual spam. That said, you can click here to tell SpamSieve not to hide the images in spam messages. (Click here to go back to the normal setting.)

Sorry but that link did absolutely nothing to show images in he spam folder but Thanx for trying

The link tells SpamSieve not to mark incoming spam messages as junk in Apple Mail. (Mail hides remote images for messages marked as junk.) This only affects new messages received since you clicked the link.

This will not work for me as I get too much mail that is not necessary to look at until I have a good deal of free time, so I don’t want to clutter my inbox

I think you misunderstood. The messages will still go to the Spam mailbox. The only (visible) difference will be that the images will automatically display—no need to click Load Images.

This is odd as I clicked it and even restarted the laptop and the images were still missing. I am using Mac 10.8.2

Clicking the link doesn’t change anything for messages that are already in the Spam mailbox. It only affects new messages received after clicking the link.

OH YEA!!! It has finally worked just like I want and showing the images. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!