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How to Turn Off New Email Pop-up Notification

Recently updated to SpamSieve 2.9.1 and suddenly today there’s a notification popping up every time a new email comes in. I get a lot of email so this is very annoying. Under Preferences>Notification, Play sound, Bounce Dock icon, Show number, Flash PowerMate are still unchecked. Not one of those options is checked. What do I need to do to stop this pop-up?

Using MacBook Pro, Apple Mail, OS 10.6.8.


There were no changes of this nature in 2.9.1. What does the pop-up say? You might be seeing SpamSieve’s Growl notifications, which you can configure in the Growl app.

It’s not SpamSieve… It’s Growl!
You’re so right, Micheal. It was Growl, part of Mac OSX, but it’s an annoying little feature which I’ve always had deactivated. That notification suddenly started appearing on my monitor and since SpamSieve was my latest update, I jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Thanks for your help,