How to un-import my folder?

I did not pay attention when I first set up EagleFiler and simply imported folders like Documents. I want to remove those folders from EagleFiler and don’t want to lose them by taking the wrong steps. How do I clean out my folders from the app? Thanks.

That depends on how you imported the folder. In most cases, importing will create a copy in EagleFiler. So you can “undo” simply by deleting the folder in EagleFiler—dragging it to EagleFiler’s Trash and emptying it. Then only the original folder will remain.

If you had specifically moved the original folder to EagleFiler’s folder in Finder, you would need to move it back (using Finder) and then delete it in EagleFiler (at which point you would only be deleting EagleFiler’s reference to the folder that no longer exists on disk in EagleFiler’s library).

Thank you for the explanation. I definitely imported without moving (which I didn’t know about when I first go into EagleFiler.)