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How to use Apple Symbols for the abbreviation of the tag?

Is there any way to use Apple Symbols for the abbreviation of the tag?

As these contain many characters useful for tagging, I try to assign them using Character Palette.
However, input button is grey-outed for some group (GID:1020-1143,4880-4919) and is available for other group.

Although this seems to come from that Apple Symbols are NOT Unicode characters, I appreciate to get any way to use them.

It’s not clear to me what you mean by “Apple Symbols”; I don’t see that in the Character Palette.

It looks like that group is glyph variants, not Unicode characters. I don’t think they work with plain text such as EagleFiler’s abbreviations.

Thank you for kind reply.

Sorry, I may misunderstand EagleFiler’s manual : The abbreviation can be composed of ordinary letters, or of SPECIAL SYMBOLS. It is the reason why I tried to use Apple Symbols. I understand that the abbreviation must be plain text and use true Unicode character.

This means we also cannot use Webdings and Wingdings ?

I got  into a tag symbol with option-shift-k (found on the KeyBoard Viewer). I don’t see it in the Symbols section of the Character Palette either.

Thank you for kind advice.

I misunderstand that I can use Apple-Symbols.ttf in EagleFiler, which contains special symbols like Apple Logo (Apple, AppleWhite, AppleLarge, AppleStripe), Apple Communication, Apple Power and Battery, and more.


Right. You can use any Unicode character, but Webdings, Wingdings, and the Apple Symbol font are not Unicode symbols; they are alternate glyphs for regular letters and numbers. So they will not work with EagleFiler tags.

The  symbol is a Unicode character and should work.

Mac OS X 10.7 adds a large collection of emoji pictures that can be used as tag abbreviations.