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how to use folders to nest items?

i’m not sure how to use folders in eaglefiler. i’m used to creating folders in order to nest items heirarchically.

so, i might have all items, and create a folder called electronics, then a subfolder called computers, then a subfolder called software. i would then place my eaglefiler rtf in the software folder.

but when i drag my eaglefiler rtf into the software folder it doesn’t disappear from the computers list (or from the electronics list or all items list). this is not the way folders usually work on a mac (though it is the way tags work in gmail, which i hate). it seems to me that i am just creating tags, not really folders.

am i missing a step? is there a way to get an item to disappear from a list into a folder rather than just be duplicated?

If you drag a file from the Computers folder to the Software folder, it will in fact disappear from the Computers folder. Folders in EagleFiler are just like regular Mac folders—in fact, it actually stores your files using regular Mac folders.

The only difference is that Records (which doesn’t have a folder icon) shows every file in every folder. To see just the files at the top level you would use Unfiled. For more information, please see Source List.