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How to use note - tags

I live with EF around three weeks, and like it more and more.

This time, I wonder how to use note - tags. At present I use it as follows, however, I wish to know the purpose of it that EF originally plans.

I use note - tag as the weft type of tag to manage my database.

For example, file A is the web archive about Apple, and I tag it as [Apple]. File B is about Google and I tag it as [Google].
Here, both has note with only “-”. Then, both file appear in [note] tag, that is, the special tag managed by EF.
Moreover, I add child tag of [note] on both files as [culture].
I assign normal tag to classify files as company related word like Apple, Google, … (the warp type) and note - tag as cross-sectional word like culture, product, … (the weft type).

Of corse, this classification is achieved via normal tags only, however, this results in many tags scattered in database. I have around 100 tags after tagging files every day and am afraid how many tags I have in future.

When I start to use note - tag as cross-sectional tag, then I can decrease 100 tags to 10 normal tags(the warp) and 10 note-tags(the weft).

Currently I think this is not so bad, however, wonder whether this is correct use of note - tag.

Anyway, I wish to get any guideline or suggestion about this.

Whatever works for you
My opinion is that if you like how you are doing something, and it works, then keep it. If you find that you system works for you, and you are happy with how to make it happen, then it is okay to use it like that.


Thank you for your encouragement.

My database is up to around 1300 records (1GB), and so I am enthusiastic for establishing my WAY before this value changes up to 10000.

Please teach me again in the next time.