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?html spam

I’m inundated with html ads currently from Canadian pharmacy (and other) offering blue pills, I’ve trained them as Spam and they won’t go away. I generally have Mail set to download images etc because its quicker when i screen them. The problem is that I have three business emails that i’ve had for 15 years at least and they get lots of spam. Is there a setting I can tweek, SpamSieve is stopping most other other stuff well at the moment

Do you meant that they don’t move to the Spam mailbox when you train them? Or that future spams go to your inbox? Or to a different mailbox?

Please send in a diagnostic report.

They don’t respond to training and they go through to the inboxes (multiple since I have about 10 email addresses in use).

What do you mean by “respond”?

I train then and the one I’ve selected gets moved, but minutes later there will be more. I keep training them, but they keep coming in. Every time I send one to the spam folder with ctrl+ cmd+S they go as they are supposed to, but it doesn’t stop more appearing

OK, it sounds like the training is working but that there is some other problem. Please send in the diagnostic report so that I can see what that is.

Thanks for sending the report. It looks like you have been using SpamSieve for a long time, and that there is a lot of training data, some of which may be out of date. I think it will help to choose Reset Corpus from the Filter menu, then re-train SpamSieve with a smaller number of recent messages.

thanks for this, will have a go. I have used spamsieve for years and have continually just added to the corpus.

I played with preferences the other day and suddenly its working properly. I can see no obvious reason, I made it slightly more aggressive.