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Huge Boost in Gmail Spam?

This is NOT a SpamSieve problem–it is catching and properly classifying this new onslaught of spam.

I am just curious–as on average I was getting about 4-8 spam messages a day, primarily from my public Gmail address (I have Gmail spam filtering turned off by rule, so all Gmail passes to my SpamSieve filter).

The last few days I have gotten 40-60 new Gmail spams daily, even more over the past weekend. Has anyone else seen a huge increase in spam to Gmail accounts?

Should I just allow Gmail to get this cruft and free up my SpamSieve folder?

I would let SpamSieve handle all of it, unless you need filtering when your Mac is off and you don’t mind having two separate spam mailboxes.

The recent wave of Gmail-addressed spam is lessening
Oddly enough, after 2-3 weeks of 40-60 spam messages addressed to a Gmail account I have had for many years, the wave is lessening on its own. Last few days have seen 8-10 per day, more to Gmail than any other but generally scattered among the 4 accounts I have filtered by SpamSieve.