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I cannot remove file from False negatives folder on Mac

Hello, BitDefender Antivirus for Mac has identified a threat that needs to be removed manually. Name of Threat: W97m.Downloader.HIP
BUT… Spamsieve - MacBook Pro doesn’t allow deleting the files in False negatives folder.
Did you face this problem and what would be the solution? Macbook Pro - MacOs Mojave - 10.14.5. AirMail 3 Version 3.6.58 (546)
Many Thanks !

There is no danger to having a virus inside an e-mail in the False Negatives folder because nothing is opening/extracting those files. They are just stored for SpamSieve’s own reporting.

That said, they’re just regular files, and you can delete them if you want. It’s not clear to me why you’re saying that’s not allowed. Are you getting a file permissions error?

Removing files from False negative folder Backup

I agree with you. the files can remain in the False negative folder of SpamSieve.
BitDefender setting proposes to exclude backups from scans. Mac Os does not allow the removal of infected content directly from Time Machine.
Thank you for your feedback

Yes, I think you’re right that it’s not easy to prune a Time Machine backup. So I would recommend excluding those files from scans. A future version of SpamSieve will store the false negatives in a different way so that they don’t trigger warnings like this.