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I have some test libraries that I created when I was evaluating EagleFiler. Can I del

If you delete a library does that delete the underlining files as well.

Does anyone have recommendations on how to get started when you have quite a few PDFs.

I don’t want to bring it all in but I have about 64gb in my documents folder.

I want to get started small and develop a methodology for managing the information.

Has anyone posted their workflow. For example tags vs folders. How do you mark something as needing action.




There’s some discussion here. In my view, folders are for the primary organization (a record can be in only one folder), and tags are for additional axes. Some people like to use them for everything, though. I use the flagged tag to mark records that need action.

I’m a folders person, not tags (which is why my run-in with Evernote was so brief).

FWIW, I have two main folders, Work and Non-Work (aka Personal), with subfolders taking it from there. Work tends to be organized by writing or research project, perhaps with subfolders like: legal cases, interviews, email, news clippings. Non-Work is more ad-hoc, with folders like Taxes, Health Forms, Shopping.

Search is powerful enough that I haven’t felt the need for tags.

did you get a answer about files?

I read this in the user manual - but I’m still not clear about the actual files.
**Deleting a Library
*If you no longer wish to use one of your libraries, first close it in EagleFiler. Then you can drag the entire library folder in the Finder to the trash in the Dock. This will delete all of the files, as well as EagleFiler’s metadata. To delete an encrypted library, drag the .sparsebundle or .sparseimage file to the trash.

Seems that the files would remain in place even if the Library was deleted. I believe this since a file can be a record in multiple libraries. ( If I have the EagleFiler system straight in my understanding.)

c-command: Can you help us understand?

Deleting a library deletes the files, like I said in my original reply.

Deleting a library means deleting its library folder. The files are all in the Files folder in the library folder, so they will be deleted, too.

No, each file is only in one library.