I have two Mac computers

Some years ago I tried to put SpamSieve on both computers. It did not work. Possibly the reason was that the Spam fiolder in Apple Mail was only on one computer. So I removed SpamSieve from the computer in the house, leaving it on the computer in the garden office, which is linked to the house on a 10 Gbit/sec backbone.

With the latest upgrades Ito Sonoma, I wonder if I can now reinstate SpamSieve onto the house computer?

Any views anyone?

Tim Powys-Lybbe

Sonoma doesn’t really change anything here. You can still use SpamSieve on multiple Macs, following these guidelines. The spam messages will be moved to the Junk mailbox, and you can choose whether it’s stored locally or on the server (which we recommend) so it syncs with all the computers.