I just want to go back to the old version

I haven’t been able to use Mail for a year and have just upgraded to Monterey. I tried to use SpamSeive but it said I was out of date etc. I checked their website with my email address and previous email address, but they have no record of me. Version 3 is an upgrade and I am supposed to get a discount on an upgrade, but so far I haven’t found what the difference in price between an upgrade and a new purchase is. I want to get into my old email, because I definitely have email correspondence with Spam Sieve support, but I haven’t figured that out yet either. I have a whole new startup SSD with the usual headaches of getting old programs to work. I did a search for SpamSeive on the old disk but could not find it. How can I just find it and install it on the new disk and use a 2.9 version?

i have a user name and serial number, too.

Depending on when you purchased, SpamSieve 3 will either be discounted 50% or free. The easiest way is to click the Check Upgrade Options button in the app when it asks you to purchase. (If you upgraded your Mac rather than doing a fresh install it will remember the old license info.) Or you can enter your old serial number in the upgrade store.

Old versions of SpamSieve are available for download here.

Okay. I eventually upgraded.
What pissed me off was you had no record of my purchase. I found my serial number.

The serial number lookup will find your purchase if you enter the .or.jp address that you gave us back in 2006…but there’s no need since you already had the serial number.