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I lost whitelist, corpus etc

After a “cleaning” job on my iMac I have been asked for input of my Spamsieve registration - which already made me suspicious -but it went fine.
Since then my Whitelist, Corpus and all are back to their virgin state, as if I were totally new to Spamsieve.
As I am another very happy user, I would love to get my collections back.
Where do I look? Where is it usually located?
Many thanks!!

Pol in Luxembourg

It sounds like your “cleaning” deleted the preferences file:


and the folder that stores all of SpamSieve’s training data:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/

Found an old copy, but
I have found an old copy on an external back-up disk with 32 Kb.

I have replaced the new com.c-command.Spamsieve.plist (with 4 Kb), but it keeps changing back to the “new”= virtually empty one.

  • I also trashed the new one first and then (with SpamSieve off) pulled over the back-up version(32 Kb) - and yet the same.

  • I also Copied and posted the content of old (32Kb version) into the new one - still no success!

Any suggestion, before I decide to give up and build it all up again.

Thanks anyway for a great product!


You should only replace the preferences file when SpamSieve isn’t running. If you still can’t get it to work, please e-mail me the two preferences files.