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I may have misunderstood completely what EF does! (Newbie)

Hi all.

Just started the trial…

Once a document (say, a .rtf) has been imported into EF (to use the language of section 3.1 Basics of the EF Help) what happens if the original document is modified, with its “parent” application (say, TextEdit)?

Are the changes reflected in EF? Or is EF designed only to store files that will never be modified?

(I understand that I could work on .rtf documents from within EF; but, surely, not .xls, nor .fmp12, nor .intaglio, etc, etc.)


Yes, it’s fine to edit (but not move or rename) files using external apps. The changes will be reflected in EagleFiler, and it will update its search index based on the file’s new contents. Really, the only gotcha is that if you edit the file outside of EagleFiler, this can confuse the Verify feature because EagleFiler can’t tell whether the file changed because you edited it or because it was damaged. So if verification is important to you, you would want to use the Update Checksum command after editing a file externally.

There may be some misunderstanding about what the term original document means in this case.

When you import a file into EagleFiler, it will store a copy of the original document in the library. The library can be browsed in the Finder and you can edit the file using any application.

However, the original file that was imported can be deleted and any changes to this file will have no effect in EagleFiler. You have to either open the file from within EagleFiler or the library folder, since EagleFiler imported a copy of the file.

That depends on whether you imported by copying or moving the original document into EagleFiler.