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I think Spamsieve is deleting my emails


I am using Spamsieve on Apple Mail on Mac OSX 10.12.6.

The other day, some emails that were actually flagged as important and sitting in one of my inboxes suddenly disappeared without trace. I checked trash, webmail, junk … everywhere. I had no reason to think Spamsieve had anything to do with this, but …

Today, I was checking my Spam folder and found something important, so I pressed “Spam sieve - train as good”. The email vanished before my eyes. I’ve checked the trash, all my inboxes … it’s vanished. Unless, is there a “deleted by spam sieve” folder or Spam sieve log of some type that I can check? It was actually an offer of work, so I’m really stressed to have lost it.

Is this a known problem?



SpamSieve does not look at or touch messages that are just sitting there. It only filters messages when they first arrive as new in the inbox.

SpamSieve never deletes any messages. When you train a message as good, it (by default) asks Mail to move the message to the inbox. It’s possible that after the message gets to your inbox, another Mac will see it as new and move it to a local mailbox on that Mac. This will make it disappear from the first Mac. It’s also possible that your Mail database is damaged and so it has lost track of the message. For more information about these issues, please see this page.

Also, if you go to Mail’s Preferences window and look under Accounts, are there any accounts that are disabled? Sometimes Mail gets confused and the messages end up in the inbox of an account that’s disabled (and, thus, hidden). In that case, you could enable the account and look in its inbox.

You could also try looking for the messages by searching for them with Spotlight (via the Spotlight menu, not in Mail) or Webmail (if your IMAP account supports that).