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I use gmail in outlook for mac version 16 running on a MacBook running Monterey 12.6

Desperately in search of installation instructions for my specific tech environment (Mac Monterey 12.6, Outlook for Mac Version 16, and Gmail) has anyone successfully configured for such/similar environment??


That’s a common setup. The instructions are here. Please let me know if you have any questions about them.


Thank you for the response and instructions. I have everything set-up as described and now all incoming emails are being rerouted to the InboxSpamSieve folder however; the process seems to stop there, emails are never deleted as spam or moved to the actual inbox, I am now having to go into the InboxSpamSieve folder and do what I used to do in my inbox. Is there a setting that I have missed???

Thanks again,


The InboxSpamSieve folder is a temporary holding area for messages that SpamSieve has not yet processed. You should never need to go in there yourself. If messages are collecting there, please make sure that the Outlook Filter Mailboxes app is running in your Dock (Step 5). Or, if it’s already running there, it may help to quit and relaunch it.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your response. I believe everything is installed and running correctly, see attached screenshot, however; mail received in my Gmail account still isn’t being processed by SpamSieve, see attached screenshot showing a test message I sent myself from my work email address.

Thanks again,


It looks like my message is in Inbox, which is what I would expect. How do you know it wasn’t processed?

Do you have a rule to move messages in the Gmail account to its InboxSpamSieve folder?

The only reason your message is in the inbox is because I manually moved it there, as you can see from the attached, your response and everything else is still sitting in the SpamSieve and if I don’t manually check and move things that is where they stay.

Please try enabling debug logging as described here and then quit Outlook Filter Mailboxes. Then you can start a search for “MJTLog” in Console, and when you relaunch Outlook Filter Mailboxes it will show what it’s doing and you can see whether the Gmail account is mentioned.

Hey Michael,

I did precisely as instructed and the “MJTLog” is nowhere to be found in the console.

Please advise on obtaining a refund and uninstalling.



I’ve refunded your order, and this page explains how to uninstall.

Thanks Michael!!

One last thing, I was able to remove/uninstall everything else however; nothing I do is affective at removing the scripts icon from the toolbar – can you assist specifically with this please?

You can remove that from the Preferences window of the Script Editor app in your Utilities folder.