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I want to remove everything except From:, To:, Subject:, and Email Body Text from mbox files

I have many years of old mbox files filled with multiple emails.

I want to automatically clean out all text from these files except From:, To: & Subject: lines and Body Text, and save the processed file as a text document.

Can I do this easily?

Mac Pro 2013 Mac OS 11.4

This is not something that EagleFiler is designed to do. Are you trying to save disk space? Or do you have some other goal in mind?

Space is not the issue. I just want visually “clean” text documents as a result.

Is there any other tool that can do what I need?


You can view the mbox files in EagleFiler, and you can choose to use Plain Text mode so that the display is visually clean.

So plain text eliminates all the extraneous text on the page so I only see To: From: Subject and Body Text and I can save as a new text file with only that information?


Yes, it removes the formatting and graphics, and you could select the text and Copy/Paste or use a system service to create a new file.

That would do it then.

Thanks so much for your well considered and detailed help.

EagleFile is now on my list to buy.


So how do we flag this as a resolved issue?

Great! It’s clear from the text of your post; we don’t need to tell the forum software.