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I will need another license


I now use SpamSieve on my laptop, for myself and my wife’s account with one license;

I will soon be fortunate enough to have a second Mac (desktop)
I understand that I will need another license, because I will have multiple users on different computers (unless I am wrong)

I see you have the Family pack for $48, I already have a license “single”, most likely paid $30,
is there any discount for someone who decides afterwards to get the Family Pack


Yes, that’s correct. For two users on two Macs, you’ll need a two licenses.

The online store doesn’t have direct support for this, but if you purchase a second single license and then contact me via e-mail, I’ll refund the price difference so that you end up paying $48 total.

For anyone reading this thread who doesn’t already have a family license, please send me an e-mail with the information for your single license, I can give you coupon for buying the family license.