I would like a refund

I started using this today this today ant is not working with my bluetooth devices at all. I would like a refund.

Are you able to connect these devices without using ToothFairy? ToothFairy is a convenience that can only work with Bluetooth devices that already work with your Mac. There’s more information about troubleshooting connections here.

When you purchase from Apple’s Mac App Store, the developer of the application does not have the ability to give you a refund. However, you can ask Apple for one.

Thanks for your reply sir. The app was recommended to me by my friend because I had been having problems with the Bluetooth connection on my Mac book air for years, so I finally bought it and followed every step a to make sure it works, but it doesn’t work.
I read everything on the forum and follew every recommended step to fix the problem but it doesn’t work. I will be asking Apple for a refund.

No problem. It sounds like there may be a hardware issue with the Bluetooth on your MacBook Air. This is something that Apple might be able to help with.