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iCloud+ mail

So I’ve joined the exodus from Google Apps/Suite/Workspace with the looming end of the free service with custom domain, and have settled on Apple’s new iCloud+ enhanced mail. I get that iCloud isn’t among the best for working with SpamSieve. But other considerations had to take priority. Notably, as for quite a few mac users, the fact that I’m already paying for extra iCloud storage and can now add my own domain and share all that with my wife for no extra cost. So iCloud+ it is, and it’s now up and running. (Pretty easy setup apart from one full day spent fighting with an SPF record :angry: )

Well I’ve had a whip through the SpamSieve manual in hope of picking up any settings, setups, etc I may need to tweak to provide for the mail platform switch. I think I’ve got it all as it should be. But one never quite knows, especially if one is like me - a few quid short in the geek department.

So just to be sure - can someone give me a basic list of considerations I may possibly have missed? Ta. Here’s the rules I have setup:

I’m not sure what you are referring to here—SpamSieve is agnostic about which mail provider you use. The main downside of iCloud mail, as I see it, is that its own server junk filter cannot be turned off, yet it often moves good messages to the Junk mailbox (this can be worked around with the the rescue rule, as you’ve done) and that it deletes some good messages sight unseen (no workaround possible).

There aren’t any considerations, other than following the regular instructions. The order of your three SpamSieve rules is fine. What do the two rules above them do? In most cases, your other rules should instead go below.

Hi Michael,

Thanks. Your explication of the shortcomings of iCloud mail is what I was thinking of in saying "isn’t among the best for working with SpamSieve”. That’s all.

Sounds like I’m all sorted then. The setup accords with the regular instructions.

The rules at the top are about reporting to SpamCop which I do spasmodically.

OK. I think people can do better in a mail host, but that’s a general issue, not a SpamSieve one.

But it looks like the rules are Active, meaning they would apply to all messages automatically?

They have very narrow conditions. Does that make a difference? (Also from memory I think the spamcop one might also specify being before all others??)

It’s not clear to me what the first one is doing—you’re running a script to report messages that are sent from SpamCop? In any case, I don’t think either of these would cause a problem for SpamSieve.

Ok, thanks. Guess I’ll move them down and see what happens. Thanks :slight_smile: