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Icons for 2 sets of AirPods

I have 2 sets of AirPods, one at Home called AirPods Home and the other in the backpack, called AirPods Mobile. is there a way to have two different AirPods icons so I can know which one I have to click?

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 2.04.12 PM.png

Not currently, although this seems like a reasonable feature request. Would you want different styles of icons? Or different colors? Or a way to add a text label?

Right now you could differentiate them by setting one to show the battery level or changing one to use the wand icon.

I think a way to add a text label will be great. I can use two different icons, but that’s not very elegant. Thank you

A text label will be a great solution, thanks a lot

Similarly, I have a set of Bluetooth speakers that I regularly connect to. However, I will occasionally connect a nearby Amazon Alexa - both are currently represented as speakers but a better way to differentiate them would be good. For the same device, such as AirPods, colouring or labels would work best but as these are different devices, I wonder if a wider range of icons would be possible?

Yes, I’m working on that.

I’ve 2 sets of AirPods, one at apartment known as AirPods residing and the opposite in the rucksack, called AirPods cell. Is there an technique to have two numerous AirPods symbols so i will appreciate.

The next version of ToothFairy will have different AirPods icons to choose from. For now, you could use another icon such as the wand for one of them.

ToothFairy 2.5 adds more icons for AirPods, as well as various types of speakers and input devices.