Ideas for journaling?

I am using Journler, but plan to move to something else soon unless the software is bought by another developer. I use EF for managing project files and docs to read, and am exploring how to use it for journaling.

Anyone out there using EF for journaling that would care to share their suggeestions?

Any ideas on creative ways to use EF for journaling, that’s quick and easy, and includes managing various file types attached/associated with an entry (images, video, audio, etc.)?

I recently started using EagleFiler for journaling. I have a stationery setup, and I assigned it a hotkey using the Keyboard pane of System Preferences. So, just by pressing that key, EagleFiler will create a new entry in the format that I like. The stationery has a corresponding metadata script:

on metadata(_context)
    set _folderName to |folderName| of _context
    set _basename to _folderName & " " & (do shell script "date '+%Y-%m-%d'")
    set _fromName to "Michael Tsai"
    set _tags to {}
    return {basename:_basename, |fromName|:_fromName, tags:_tags}
end metadata

I have several different kinds of journal entries, each in their own folder. To create a new entry, I go to the desired folder and press the hotkey. EagleFiler then creates a new file, using my stationery. It sets the filename by combining the current folder name with the date (in YYYY-MM-DD format) and sets the From to me.

For managing associated files, some options would be:

  • Group the entry and files in a folder.
  • Drag the associated files (from EagleFiler) into the entry’s Notes to create links to them.
  • Drag the associated files (from the Finder) into the entry itself to embed them in the RTFD package.

I’m sure that other people will have more ideas…