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identified as Spam - tough to make go away


I select an email in Mac OS X Mail and identify as Spam with <control-command-s> and the email disappears. Then it will return grayed out. If I repeat the procedure on the grayed-out email it will usually disappear for good from the Inbox but occasionally it will come back until the operation is performed again. Am I doing something wrong?

Normally that doesn’t happen, but it’s probably not your fault. Some mail servers don’t expunge messages immediately when Mail moves them from the server inbox to the local Spam mailbox. Mail shows messages as grayed out when they are marked as deleted on the server but not yet expunged. It may help to choose View > Hide Deleted Messages.

Another option would be to change the settings to use a Spam mailbox on the server. Then when you train the message, the server will definitely remove it from the inbox (because it will move it to the server Spam mailbox).

Thank you for the quick and helpful response.