I'm being overrun with investment advice!

Every piece of mail seems to come from a different address. I mark it as spam but soon another piece arrives from a different address. How the heck do I trap this stuff?

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Please see the Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam? section of the manual and send in a diagnostic report if you need further assistance.

It says SpamSieve has not previously seen this address. That’s my point. I keep getting spam from new addresses. I mark it as spam but then I get something from another new address. These are all “investment” related. In the past I would click the unsubscribe button before marking it as spam but I was told this just tells the sender it is a good address. Possibly that doesn’t matter and I should start unsubscribing again.

I don’t think that is something that SpamSieve ever says. If you quote the text that you’re referring to we can discuss it, but my guess is that SpamSieve said that it hadn’t seen the message before you trained it. That would mean that the issue has nothing to do with the addresses, but rather that there is a setup problem that is preventing SpamSieve from even looking at the messages. As I said, there’s information about how to address this in the Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam? section of the manual, and you can send in a diagnostic report if you need further assistance.

It depends on whether these are legitimate mailing lists, which if the address is constantly changing they are probably not.

Summary: You trained this message as Spam from your mail client.
Prediction: SpamSieve had not previously seen this message. This could be because (a) you were doing an initial training, (b) you had marked the message as read on another device, (c) your mail program was not set up to filter all new messages through SpamSieve, or (d) a server filter had moved the message out of the inbox before it got to your Mac.

Yes, this is what I was suggesting above. Were the messages in your inbox when you trained them?

They were in my Inbox when I trained them. The problem is they keep coming in from new addresses. Any that come from a trained address to get junked. It is the new stuff that is killing me.

Please send in a diagnostic report.

On its way.

Thanks for the report. Please try using Filter spam messages in other mailboxes with your inbox, as described here.

I bit the bullet and spent the last couple of days unsubscribing to all the investment emails. Turns out they all used the same unsubscribe page so maybe they all came from the same place. Regardless, I haven’t had any since yesterday.