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I'm missing something?

I’m running El Capitan 10.11.1 on an iMac with Apple Mail. Two addresses - @free.fr and @gmail.com
I thought I’d set up Spamsieve as detailed but I don’t think it’s working as it should.
Mail comes into “Mail” and my junk box receives stuff - I use ctrl+cmd+S to designate it as Spam.
Could this be because I have spam filters on my servers?
The spam count in the “spam” folder does not increase, so I select all the junk emails and drop them into the spam folder - the count goes up, and the emails disappear from the “junk” folder to the “trash” folder.
The Spam rule seems set up correctly and is at the top of the list in the rules section.
I do have mail sharing between devices active in iCloud.

Thanks in advance for wise words.


Spam messages in the Junk mailbox should not be trained as spam.

Yes, please see this page.

You can see in the log which messages SpamSieve has processed.

Thanks - yes - all the strange stuff was coming into the @gmail.com address. I have followed the procedure for turning off the server’s filtering. see how we go.

Thanks Michael.