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I'm moving and must shut down my iMac SpamSieve drone machine for a week

I have three personal devices handling my email. Then I have an iMac sitting at home, always on, and acting as a drone to filter my incoming emails, so I don’t have to wade through them on my other three devices.

In a couple of days, I will be moving across America, so my iMac will be shut down, put in a box, and moved. It will be offline for over a week and I’m dreading not having the benefit of not seeing the spam emails on my MacBook, iPhone, and iPad.

What would be easiest way to move my rules from the iMac drone to my MacBook for the period of time? Normally I would search for the solution but I’m so busy packing boxes that I’m taking the lazy way out and asking for help from the forum. Thanks to anyone who takes pity on me. :slight_smile:


Normally, the Apple Mail rules will auto-sync via iCloud. However, you would need to install the plug-in and check the boxes to make sure the rules are active on the MacBook. You would also need to transfer the drone script so that the rule can access it.

You should also transfer your SpamSieve training data. Before doing this, uncheck the SpamSieve rules on the iMac so that all filtering and training takes place on the MacBook.