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Image-based spam

SpamSieve has worked pretty well for me overall, but the last few weeks I have been receiving tonnes of Viagra spam. The problem with these spam messages is that they are mostly just a big image without much for text. The subject lines are totally random as well.

Any tips or solutions to cut these out?

Please see this page.

That doesn’t seem to help.

SpamSieve is still catching other spam.
And every time I get one of these messages, I tell SpamSieve.
I’ve been using it for quite a while, so it should be trained fairly well.

Did you go through all the steps? You need to do the test procedure with one of the messages that it didn’t catch in order to ensure that the setup is correct, i.e. that SpamSieve could have caught that message. If the setup is correct, then you need to look at the log and/or send in a report to find out why SpamSieve didn’t catch the message.

Ok. I’ll take another look the next time I get one.


I sent my logs and details to support, but no reply.

Additional issue, I turned on “Save false negatives to disk”, and while it’s save some Car Insurance thing, when I train a Viagra message as spam, it doesn’t save out.

Sorry for the delay. My copy of SpamSieve saw all the spammy content in your message and thought it was spam.

The reason the messages are not saving into the False Negatives folder is that they’re not false negatives. SpamSieve didn’t look at them and think they were good; rather, it didn’t look at them at all. This means there’s a setup problem in your mail program.